- NOW -

(Dis)integrator, 1992 by Juha van Ingen.

Interplay, June 4-30, 2024 - Small Auditorium at Kunstmuseum Bonn

Juha van Ingen's video work (Dis)integrator,1992, thus forms the prelude to a reciprocal immersion in the archives and video art collections of Videonale and Kunstmuseum Bonn, which each house an extensive collection of both early and contemporary video art.

- - -

Stripe works are exhibited 15.6. - 11.8. in the Art Center Purnu summer exhibition "Perception".

- - -

A new sitespecific augmented reality sculpture project ORB happens all around Finland.

More info and link for viewing www.primitives.fi

- - -

An early structural videowork (Dis)Integrator, 1992, was acquired by the National Museum of Modern Art - Centre Georges Pompidou, France.

- - -

The experimental documantary film MONUMENTAL is now under construction and will be screened by the end of 2024 in Spoleto, Italy.

- - -

A retrospective of the artist collective Forest Camp


At Voipaala Art centre, Valkeakoski.

- NEXT -

The sitespecific augmented reality sculpture project ORB will be launched on 25th September in Tokyo.

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